Welcome to the vaults.fyi API documentation! Our API is designed to provide developers, researchers, and enthusiasts with comprehensive data on DeFi vaults, facilitating detailed insights and data-driven decision-making across multiple blockchains.

Start using the API here: https://api.vaults.fyi

With our API documentation, users can tap into a wealth of information through two main sections:

  • Access a variety of data across all vaults to perform broad market analyses or enhance application features.

    • Fetch lists of vaults, tokens, tags, and networks to quickly integrate a wide range of DeFi assets into your service.

    • Obtain real-time and historical data on vaults, including detailed TVL and APY metrics.

  • Explore in-depth with specialized endpoints that deliver comprehensive, vault-specific data.

    • Retrieve extensive details about individual vaults, including their performance statistics and operational characteristics.

    • Analyze historical APY and TVL data to assess past performances and predict future trends.

Whether you are building financial tools, applications, or conducting in-depth market research, these endpoints offer the necessary tools to leverage reliable onchain data.

Got questions or feedback? Reach out to us on X or Farcaster.

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