General Endpoints

This section of our API documentation outlines endpoints that are essential for interacting with the database. These endpoints are designed to retrieve general data from the DeFi ecosystem. Below is a summary of the endpoints available in this section:

  • List Vaults (GET /v1/vaults): Fetches a list of vaults filtered by tags, tokens, network, and TVL parameters.

  • Retrieve Tags (GET /v1/tags): Obtains a list of all tags present in the database, aiding in the categorization and search of vaults.

  • Retrieve Tokens (GET /v1/tokens): Retrieves a comprehensive list of tokens, including details like name, symbol, and network, available in the database.

  • Retrieve Networks (GET /v1/networks): Gathers a list of all blockchain networks represented in the database, complete with their names and chain IDs.

  • Detailed Vaults Data (GET /v1/detailed/vaults): Provides an in-depth look at vaults with detailed information, including financial statistics and operational details, with robust filtering and pagination capabilities.

Each endpoint is equipped with a straightforward set of parameters (if any) that allows for precise queries and tailored responses.

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