Retrieve Networks

The Retrieve Networks (GET /v1/networks) endpoint is a straightforward resource for obtaining a list of all blockchain networks that are incorporated into the database. This endpoint is vital for developers and users who need to adapt their tools or services to accommodate a variety of blockchain environments.


The retrieval process is simple and accessible, as no parameters are required to utilize this endpoint, which provides an unfiltered list of networks.


  • 200 OK: When called successfully, this endpoint delivers an array in JSON format, reflecting the diverse array of networks that vaults are associated with the database. The array encompasses comprehensive details about each network, ensuring that users have all the necessary information.

The structure of a typical response is as shown:

    "name": "string",
    "chainId": 0


  • name refers to the human-readable name of the network.

  • chainId is the unique identifier assigned to the network which helps distinguish it on a technical level.

By using the Retrieve Networks endpoint, clients can seamlessly access key data about the various blockchain networks available. This information is particularly useful for platforms that need to present network-specific options or carry out network-related analyses.

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