Retrieve Tags

The Retrieve Tags (GET /v1/tags) endpoint is designed to obtain an exhaustive list of tags used to classify vaults on This endpoint serves as a resource for users seeking to understand the categorization and features associated with vaults in the database.


This endpoint requires no parameters, making it a straightforward call for clients to receive data without the need for pre-filtering or specifying additional details.


  • 200 OK: A successful call to this endpoint will yield a simple yet comprehensive array of strings, each representing a unique tag found in the database. The output format is JSON, conforming to the standards set by the Accept header in the HTTP request.

The typical structure of the response is as follows:

jsonCopy code[

With each element in the array being a string that represents a tag associated with one or more vaults, clients can utilize this list to enhance their filtering capability when using other endpoints or to facilitate user interface development by providing a selection of predefined tags for end-user interactions.

This endpoint is particularly useful for applications or services that aim to offer tailored experiences, enabling them to dynamically generate filter options or provide insights into the characteristics that define various DeFi vaults.

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