Retrieve Tokens

The Retrieve Tokens (GET /v1/tokens) endpoint is designed for acquiring a comprehensive list of tokens available on This endpoint is integral for users who need to access a full spectrum of tokens for analysis, display, or to enhance the functionality of their applications.


This endpoint is intuitive and does not necessitate any parameters, offering ease of use and straightforward access.


  • 200 OK: A successful invocation results in an array of tokens, provided in a JSON format as determined by the Accept header in the request. The array includes detailed information for each token, such as its address, name, decimal precision, affiliated network, and symbol.

A typical example of the response would resemble:

    "assetAddress": "string",
    "decimals": 0,
    "name": "string",
    "network": {
      "name": "string",
      "chainId": 0
    "symbol": "string"

Each object in the array stands for a token, where:

  • assetAddress denotes the blockchain address for the token,

  • decimals specifies the number of decimal places for the token's smallest unit,

  • name is the full name of the token,

  • network is an object containing the name and chainId of the blockchain the token operates on,

  • symbol is the abbreviated ticker symbol used to represent the token.

The Retrieve Tokens endpoint empowers users to effortlessly integrate a wide range of token data into their services. It facilitates better user experiences by providing vital token details necessary for analysis.

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