Vault APY

The Vault APY (GET /v1/vaults/{network}/{vaultAddress}/apy) endpoint serves as a focused utility for obtaining the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) data for a specific vault over designated time intervals. This endpoint is essential for investors and analysts seeking to evaluate the performance of a vault in terms of earnings.


  • interval (required): Specifies the granularity of the APY data being requested. Possible values are 1day, 7day, and 30day, each indicating the APY calculated over that time period.

  • vaultAddress (required): The blockchain address of the vault for which APY data is being requested. This is a path parameter that forms part of the endpoint URL.

  • network (required): Represents the network on which the specified vault operates. This path parameter accepts values such as mainnet, arbitrum, optimism, polygon, base, and gnosis.


  • 200 OK: The successful request returns an object that provides the APY percentage, structured in JSON format. The information is current and represents the latest computed APY according to the specified interval.

An example of the response is:

  "baseApy": 0,
  "rewardsApy": 0,
  "interval": "1day"

In this response:

  • baseApy denotes the APY value generated by the vault, expressed as a percentage.

  • rewardsApy denotes the APY value generated by the vault's rewards, expressed as a percentage.

  • interval indicates the time frame over which the APY has been calculated.

This endpoint is particularly valuable for real-time decision-making and financial analysis. It allows users to assess and track the profitability of vaults over different periods. By providing up-to-date performance metrics, it enables users to make informed choices regarding their investments in the DeFi sector.

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