Vault Information

The Vault Information (GET /v1/vaults/{network}/{vaultAddress}) endpoint is a targeted query service within the API that provides detailed information on a specific vault, identified by its unique address and the network it resides on.


  • vaultAddress (required): The unique address of the vault whose information you want to retrieve. This is a path parameter included in the endpoint URL.

  • network (required): The name of the network on which the vault exists. This parameter is also part of the path URL and supports a predefined set of network names such as mainnet, arbitrum, optimism, polygon, base, and gnosis.


  • 200 OK: A successful response will return a JSON object that thoroughly describes the vault, encompassing a range of information from basic details to more specific attributes like financial statistics and associated tags.

The response will typically look like this:

  "name": "string",
  "address": "string",
  "network": "string",
  "tvl": "string",
  "liquid": "string",
  "locked": "string",
  "numDepositors": 0,
  "lendLink": "string",
  "tags": ["string"],
  "token": {
    "name": "string",
    "assetAddress": "string",
    "symbol": "string",
    "decimals": 0
  "apy": {
    "1day": 0,
    "7day": 0,
    "30day": 0
  "rewards": [
      "apy": 0,
      "assetPriceInUsd": 0,
      "asset": {
        "name": "string",
        "assetAddress": "string",
        "symbol": "string",
        "decimals": 0

In this data structure:

  • name, address, and network provide the basic identification of the vault.

  • tvl indicates the total value locked in the vault.

  • liquid and locked offer insights into the liquidity and lock-up status of assets within the vault. (Sometimes it is impossible to estimate liquid/locked values precisely. In conditions where some portion of the TVL is "uncertain", the proportion would always lean towards putting it as locked value.)

  • numDepositors reveals the number of unique depositors.

  • lendLink could be a URL or identifier linking to lending opportunities or additional information.

  • tags is an array of strings providing categorizations or features of the vault.

  • token is an object detailing the associated token with name, assetAddress, symbol, and decimals.

  • apy is an object that contains the annual percentage yield for the past 1, 7, and 30 days.

  • rewards is an array of objects that contain:

    • apy indicates the annual percentage yield for vault generated from the associated reward token.

    • assetPriceInUsd is the most recent price of the reward token denominated in USD with 1e8 precision.

    • asset is an object detailing the associated reward token with name, assetAddress, symbol, and decimals.

This endpoint is invaluable for users or applications that need to extract and display specific vault data or for conducting in-depth analysis on individual vaults within the DeFi space.

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