Vault Range Historical APY

The Vault Range Historical APY (GET /v1/vaults/{network}/{vaultAddress}/historical-apy) endpoint provides a chronological series of APY data for a specified vault, covering a user-defined range of time. This endpoint is particularly useful for understanding APY fluctuations and trends over an extended period.


  • interval (required): A query parameter that defines the resolution of the APY data (1day, 7day, 30day).

  • from_timestamp (required): The starting point of the requested time range, defined as a Unix timestamp.

  • to_timestamp (required): The end point of the requested time range, also specified as a Unix timestamp.

  • page: An optional query parameter indicating the page number of the results, for paginated output.

  • per_page: An optional query parameter setting the number of items per page for pagination, with a default of 10.

  • granularity (required): A query parameter that specifies the time interval between each data point in the response, allowing for granular control over the dataset density.

  • vaultAddress (required): The address of the vault for which historical APY data is being queried, included as a path parameter.

  • network (required): The network on which the vault is located, also a path parameter. Acceptable values include mainnet, arbitrum, optimism, polygon, base, and gnosis.


  • 200 OK: The successful response consists of a JSON object that includes pagination details and an array of data points, each point corresponding to a time and APY value within the requested range.

An example response is structured as follows:

  "next_page": 0,
  "data": [
      "timestamp": 0,
      "blockNumber": 0,
      "baseApy": 0,
      "rewardsApy": 0

In this response format:

  • next_page indicates the next page number to query if pagination is used.

  • data is an array where each element contains:

    • timestamp reflecting the time for the APY data point,

    • blockNumber correlating to the block on the blockchain,

    • baseApy showing the APY value generated by the vault at that point in time.

    • rewardsApy showing the APY value generated by the vault's rewards at that point in time.

The Vault Range Historical APY endpoint is designed for those who need a detailed and adjustable view of a vault's performance history. It provides valuable insights for analysts and investors interested in the DeFi space's historical yields.

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