Who chooses which vaults are shown on vaults.fyi?

Our team started with yield opportunities for stablecoins, ETH, and liquid staking tokens across a handful of β€œblue-chip” DeFi protocols such as Aave, Compound, MakerDAO, Yearn, Lido stETH, and Rocket Pool rETH.

We continue to add new vaults as they launch and as users request them, with a slight preference for ERC-4626 compatible protocols. Keep in mind that we carefully curate the opportunities shown on vaults.fyi and research new vaults before adding them to the list.

What causes significant fluctuations in APY?

One challenge we face is accounting for the irregular intervals at which some vaults update their earnings β€” leading to sudden and significant fluctuations in APY. Understanding this nuance is essential for accurately interpreting discrepancies on vaults.fyi. See our methodology for more information.

How can I stay up to date with the latest activity?

Follow @vaultsfyi on X/Farcaster for new product updates, vaults and insights on DeFi yield and TVL trends.

How do I request new vaults or features?

Reach out to @vaultsfyi on X or Farcaster!

What are the requirements for vaults to be displayed on vaults.fyi?

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